VimpelCom rewards employees

    This year, VimpelCom allocated 300,000 shares (0.52% of the authorized capital) for remuneration to managers. According to Ekaterina Osadchaya, a spokeswoman for VimpelCom, 200,000 shares were bought back in May on the open market, the rest were purchased earlier.

    Previously distinguished employees were awarded phantom options (the company did not redeem shares, and employees received a monetary difference between the initial value of the conditional package allocated to them and its value after a specified period, limited by a certain framework), but traditional options were introduced in 2005, that is, now for employees fix the company's shares at a special, below market price. The benefit is derived by the employee in this case from the increase in the value of the shares.

    Yesterday, the market value of the operator’s 0.52% stake was $ 117.8 million. Analysts do not forecast how much these securities will cost in a few years, but in a year the market price of one ADR for VimpelCom shares will increase by about 24% - from the current $ 21. 7 to $ 27, expects Troika Dialog senior analyst Andrei Bogdanov. In total, Vimpelcom can reserve up to 1,050,000 shares (1.82% of the authorized capital) under options. The market value of such a package was $ 412.2 million yesterday.

    Via Vedomosti

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