Zivity: Silicon Valley Adult Site

    Pornography is big business, and the industry quickly learned how to copy the good features of new sites. But one thing we have not seen: respected businessmen and investors from Silicon Valley are interested in sponsoring and creating such sites.

    The potential benefits of successful adult sites are so high that Silicon Valley can no longer ignore this market. So the first such site appeared - Zivity . The founders of the site say that Zivity is not porn, although it all depends on your understanding of this word. The main content of the site is photographs of naked girls.

    The number of founders of the company include Scott Banister (Scott Banister), co-founder of the recently acquired IronPort, and other technology veterans. Jeffrey Wescott, CEO of the company, has been involved in scalability and security architecture at IronPort; co-founder Cyan Banister also worked on IronPort. They received $ 1 million in financing, although they did not name any investors other than Banister. Rumor has it that there are PayPal executives among investors.

    Like Suicide Girls , Zivity is a social network formed around images of attractive women. Users can join the network and watch photos of non-naked women. If clothes seem superfluous, it is necessary to lay out $ 10 a month.

    Users with paid accounts receive 5 votes per month, which can be given to their favorite models. Each user's vote is money in the piggy bank of the model and photographer (80 ¢ per vote: in standard cases, 60 ¢ goes to the model, and 20 to the photographer). Here, Zivity is significantly different from Suicide Girls, where the model receives a fixed fee.

    The company has kept the site design a secret for now, but has sent TechCrunch a screenshot shown below. To view photos using the Flash interface; the site itself is made on Rails.
    Zivity is now awaiting its second largest funding and will launch the site later this year.

    via TechCrunch

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