MySQL AB denies access to MySQL Enterprise Server code

    MySQL AB, the developer of the database management system of the same name, intends to remove the source codes of the corporate version of MySQL Enterprise Server from open access. This was announced on his blog by Kaj Arno, vice president of MySQL AB.

    About a year ago, MySQL announced plans to draw a clear line between the free and paid versions of the database . The company notes that the free modification of MySQL should be available to everyone, while access to the corporate version of the database management system should be provided only to users who have paid for the corresponding license.

    Arno stresses that in the near future the source code of the MySQL Enterprise Server DBMS will be removed from and transferred to Access to the latter will be available only to corporate customers who have paid a license.

    The MySQL AB decision caused a backlash from the Open Source community. Some observers began to speculate that the actions of MySQL AB are related to plans for the company to go public .

    According to Derek Rodner of EnterpriseDB, by denying access to the source, MySQL will set itself against many of its paid customers and open source community enthusiasts. In MySQL, however, they note that they do not intend to conflict with adherents of open source at all. Translation of MySQL Enterprise Server source codes into private access, according to DBMS developers, will help prevent the appearance of a large number of side versions of the product.

    Source: Nixp.Ru

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