Intel processors in "hundred-dollar laptops"

    As you know, until recently, Mr. Nicholas Negroponte, the permanent leader and ideological inspirer of the acclaimed One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, spoke very positively towards Intel. However, a little time passed, and anger surprisingly gave way to mercy: in July it became known that OLPC and Intel plan to work closely.

    However, then it was mainly about joint development and did not concern the “hardware” as such. And now, a month later, rumors began to circulate on the Web that the next revision of the “hundred-dollar” XO computers would be powered by Intel processors. In addition, it is likely that Intel will also develop a motherboard for the XO-2.

    One way or another, neither Intel nor OLPC have yet given specific comments on cooperation plans. At the same time, it is well known that the new servers needed to support XO will be built on Intel Xeon processors. So cheap laptops have a good chance to get the Intel Inside label.

    via Engadget

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