Party Congress Verka Serduchka

    The unregistered Ukrainian party Politicians Verka Serduchka held an online congress on Monday, at 13.00 Moscow time.

    Shortly before this, the announcement of the "first online congress in the vast expanses of Eastern Europe" was posted on the website of Verka Serduchka (pop singer Sergei Danilko is known by this stage name). The congress was held on the site's forum in a comic form.

    Danilko announced earlier that he intends to participate in the early parliamentary elections in the Ukrainian parliament with his “Against All” bloc, but the fact that the Verka Serdyuchka Political Party is not registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine impedes the participation of the electoral bloc in the elections. Thus, Danilko will be able to take part in the elections only on the list of any existing party.

    The election will take place on September 30th. The election campaign began on August 2.


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