Today we have another start-up on the operating table in the .fm domain, which indicates its musical focus. allows you to download music from your computer to remote servers for later listening anywhere. You can create your own station on the way . Of course, there is a community of listeners where you can listen to other people's playlists. The service is completely based on Flash technology, which now, in the AJAX era, is a huge minus. The interface is borrowed from iTunes, popular in geek circles: the same three “back-pause-forward”, the same folding lists, etc.

    Songs are downloaded either through the “Web uploader” (click the Upload button, select the folder with the music) or through the iTunes Desktop Uploader (available for Windows and MacOSX). In the future, they promise to make support for WinAMP and WMP. According to observations that cannot be confirmed, downloaded music is compressed to a bit rate of 64 to 96kbit / sec. While the project is in Beta stage, you can download as many music as you like. Later, and this probably will not be soon, they are going to introduce a limited disk space with the possibility of a paid increase.

    Conclusion: if you often fly away / leave for broadband abroad, then the service will be useful to you. Although it is better to just buy an iPod or many, many, many discs and record on them your entire music collection.

    PS Thanks for the tip gluek'u .

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