Install Windows XP on Ubuntu Using VMware Player

    I set myself Ubuntu.
    But there was a problem that I still need Win, because There are enough working programs that do not work under Linux.
    I tried using Wine, but it turned out to be a stupid undertaking. Some programs did not start, and some did, but did not work as expected.

    So I decided to start with VMware. As you know, WMware Workstation is not free.
    But there is WMware Player - absolutely free software.
    But she needs a * .vmx image file.
    So where can I get it ???
    There was a way out. Googling found such a solution.
    To create virtual machine image files, the Qemu program is used .
    Stage 1
    Actually downloading the program, I installed it under Windows XP.
    After that, you need to go to the Terminal and run the program with certain parameters. The volume indicated is 2 gigabytes, it’s enough for us. The resulting file is called WindowsXPPro.vmdk. I transfer this file to Ubuntu and create another file called WindowsXPPro.vmx in which I write the following: These two files must be in the same folder. Stage 2 Next, I take the boot disk with XP and insert it into the CD-ROM. Multi-boot disks with DOS and NC are not suitable. I think only a live disk with MS Windows PE is suitable. After that, I run the WindowsXPPro.vmx file using VMware. Windows XP installation has begun. Parameters used from here:
    qemu-img.exe create -f vmdk WindowsXPPro.vmdk 2G
    Formating 'WindowsXPPro.vmdk', fmt=vmdk, size=2097152 kB

    config.version = "8"
    virtualHW.version = "3"
    ide0:0.present = "TRUE"
    ide0:0.filename = "WindowsXPPro.vmdk"
    memsize = "64"
    MemAllowAutoScaleDown = "FALSE"
    ide1:0.present = "TRUE"
    ide1:0.fileName = "auto detect"
    ide1:0.deviceType = "cdrom-raw"
    ide1:0.autodetect = "TRUE"
    floppy0.present = "FALSE"
    ethernet0.present = "TRUE"
    usb.present = "TRUE"
    sound.present = "TRUE"
    sound.virtualDev = "es1371"
    displayName = "Windows XP Pro"
    guestOS = "winXPPro"
    nvram = "WindowsXPPro.nvram"
    MemTrimRate = "-1"

    ide0:0.redo = ""
    ethernet0.addressType = "generated"
    uuid.location = "56 4d 5c cc 3d 4a 43 29-55 89 5c 28 1e 7e 06 58"
    uuid.bios = "56 4d 5c cc 3d 4a 43 29-55 89 5c 28 1e 7e 06 58"
    ethernet0.generatedAddress = "00:0c:29:7e:06:58"
    ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset = "0"

    tools.syncTime = "TRUE"
    ide1:0.startConnected = "TRUE"

    uuid.action = "create"

    checkpoint.vmState = ""

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