Google Earth Enterprise has become available from a browser

    Today, Google announced that Google Earth Enterprise users will be able to view the map data of their organization in two-dimensional space using a web browser, thereby bypassing the firewall. Using the special version of the Google Maps API, administrators will also be able to embed these two-dimensional images in any web application and create mashups with information obtained from external databases, tables and other data sources.

    Now, employees of organizations will be able to access satellite imagery, aerial surveys and terrain information from virtually anywhere. In addition, it now becomes possible to combine additional information layers inside your own web applications without leaving the browser.

    According to Matthew Glotzbach, product manager for Google’s corporate customer service, because commercial and government organizations can use the browser in addition to the downloadable Google Earth Enterprise client, they can more easily share map data between teams and departments, create map data overlays to improve the study of data and, ultimately, to get more income from their own investment in technology.

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