The first serious kidnapping of a gamer occurred with the help of Google

    Last week, armed guys, in number of 4 people, aged 19 to 27 years, took hostage an avid player of the world famous game GunBound . The criminal group set itself the goal of deriving the password from the account in this multiplayer RPG game. The approximate amount for which a group of teenagers planned to sell a gaming password is approximately 8 thousand dollars.
    The kid, who is one of the oldest and most advanced users of the game, was tortured for more than 5 hours, and all this time the leader of the gang of kidnappers kept him at gunpoint, but the gamer did not succumb to threats by intruders and did not give out a password.
    A famous fan of this RPG was lured using Orkut (Google’s online social network). The girl who now appears in the case as an accomplice, under the nickname Tamires, was tempted to make an appointment with the star of the playing space through Orkut, thanks to which the criminals managed to catch him.
    The game does not differ in any kind of super-world-popularity, because kidnepers decided that they were not in danger of exposure and hoped for easy money.
    However, five hours of persistent resistance of the victim and the work of the police allowed not only to keep the password secret, but also to all participants in the drama to remain intact, and to get the culprits deserved.
    The network is filled with reports of this incident, but the most complete description of this story lies with GIZMODObut I don’t really like how it says ...

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