ALL, without exception, the ministries of Ukraine must obligatorily post information about NATO on their websites

    Since July 17, the main progressive socialist of Ukraine Natalya Vitrenko has increased work. Now, active fighting against the "enemy of Ukraine", according to Vitrenko, the NATO bloc, must be conducted not in Sevastopol and not in any other city of our country. The area of ​​the theater of war has been moved to the virtual world. Where did the active propaganda of NATO begin, or rather, preparation for Ukraine’s joining the bloc. Now all anti-NATO politicians urgently need to look for Neo. To destroy the Citadel of Evil - the Matrix. You will have to fight on your own territory and with your own.
    Not more than 10 days ago, the recommendations of the Interdepartmental working group in the information sphere, the Interdepartmental Commission on the preparation of Ukraine for NATO membership were sent to inform about the cooperation of Ukraine with NATO on the websites of executive authorities. Now ALL, without exception, ministries must necessarily publish information about NATO on their websites. Octopus is running. A “jab” has been inflicted on the reputation, and indeed on the whole cause of parties and public organizations that, one way or another, are fighting to prevent a “capitalist aggressive military bloc” from entering Ukraine. This is not to wave flags, not to pitch tents and not even put up barriers from living people. Here a resource more powerful is required. Sorry head
    have to think. In order to strike a counterattack on virtual propaganda, you need a staff of not lumpen proletariat, but highly skilled specialists in the field of IT technology.

    And the scope of interdepartmental working groups can be envied. We did not miss a single department, ministry or regional state administration, which we very much recommended creating permanent sites, at the worst end of the rubric, on cooperation with NATO. And there is no such information about horror, almost on all sites of the executive branch. The list is quite voluminous - more than 30 departments, ministries and committees. What should everyone inform about the NATO bloc and European integration ?! Well, with the ministries of foreign affairs, defense, the national center for Euro-Atlantic integration, the state committee for television and radio broadcasting, everything is clear. Placing on their sites any information related to this topic is logical and understandable. Indirectly this topic may include sites of regional state administrations, the national space agency,
    But I would like to draw attention to the following list. Ministries of Agricultural Policy; construction, architecture and housing and communal services; internal affairs; culture and tourism; nature conservation; fuel and energy; in matters of family, youth and sports; the highest certification commission of the main switchgear; State Highway Service; State Archive Committees; forestry; pension fund and other, and other, and other. I especially like posting NATO information on the Pension Fund website. Well, you need to have such a wild fantasy that you would write about NATO on the website of this fund. Probably, the government, therefore, decided to influence the deductions. For example, a businessman wants not to pay money to the Pension Fund. He sees that on the foundation’s website it is written how NATO conducts some military operations and the businessman changes his mind. Now no one wants to harbor profits. Or, for example, a pensioner, before receiving his pension, will require information about the block, and then it is already possible to receive money. Vitrenko did not expect such a “pig” from the government. Propaganda began "in the holy of holies" of the provitrenkovsky electorate. Who else but people of retirement age do not want to let NATO into Ukraine.
    The absurdity of this recommendation suggests that officials, as always, literally took the instructions of the leadership. In order not to miss anyone, the list includes all existing branches of the executive branch. The Antimonopoly Committee is on the list. Probably, so that NATO is not a monopolist in the "market" of Ukraine, the committee will look for a competitor to it. I can tell you options: either Russia or China. But the Russians somehow became boring for 70 years, but China does. This is the power. At any moment, the Chinese army can put in bayonets of 100 million soldiers. They are throwing hats at NATO. Or take the committees of forest and water resources. We have no problems with nature. Why don't sites “litter” information about the military bloc. This is even a way out for officials. How to look for solutions to problems associated with natural disasters, collect data on violators, as enterprises and about poachers, it’s better to copy information about the block. The work is done. And the fact that today deforestation in the western regions leads to flooding is secondary. The fact that the supply of fresh water suitable for consumption is not a problem. It is better to tell how the next nth meeting took place, at which the block was casually mentioned.
    The State Property Fund is also required to think about NATO. Well, the privatization of all state facilities was successful. The treasury received huge profits, the new owners of enterprises regularly pay taxes, workers receive decent salaries and have social guarantees. So why not write how many fighters and officers serve in the bloc, how much property movable or not movable can be "grabbed". This is truly the “gold mine” for the SPF. Urgently need to make a list and think at your leisure. Semenyuk such a prospect will only be glad.
    The State Department of Food and the Medicines and Medical Devices Service are not relaxing either. Categories on sites, oh how they need. Not fixable, still no information. Instead of writing about NATO, it’s not clear what they are doing. Not that comrades think. It is also the responsibility of the entire executive branch to constantly send out press releases on events related to Ukraine-NATO cooperation, regional, local and central mass media, as well as popular Internet information resources. Now, any editorial staff of newspapers, television and radio can strain, for example, the state statistics committee, for their information on NATO. And ask them a question: “And what did you do so that Ukraine would know about NATO’s North Atlantic military bloc?”
    Invented a new excuse for entrepreneurs. As soon as the check came to you from the sanitary and epidemiological station, and you told them: “And provide us information about NATO! No information - no verification. ” Point. That's just the state tax service was not on the list. Either otmazatsya, or forgot.
    You will not envy Natalya Vitrenko, there is nothing to say. If she does not find Neo, then she herself will have to become Trinity or Morpheus. Or make a tattoo on the shoulder in the form of a rabbit and walk around the apartments, hoping to find a hacker. Only what pill Neo found wants to swallow is unknown.
    The next step for advertising the military bloc will be computer games on the sites of the executive branch. The “I'm in NATO” emulator, the shooter “Kill the enemy of NATO”, the arcade “Collect more NATO member countries” and so on will appear. Look at the counters "Petrovka."

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