Where to go? To Switzerland?

    Summer, it's time to relax. Just a little to keep up with competitors. I started by looking for a good site where you can not only choose a tour according to certain criteria, but also read reviews and see photos. Unfortunately, for me and fortunately for entrepreneurs, there was no high-quality resource on the Ukrainian Internet. But I found a very interesting Internet project in Russia - VeniVidi. This is a tourist social network. The resource is very good, to screw there still a good advanced search. Here's a business idea for you: a tourist social network on the Internet. It’s easy enough to get money from here, the tourism business is well developed in Ukraine. You can sell advertising, mediate in the organization of tours and, finally, become a tour operator yourself. Very promising, in my opinion, direction. I would take it, but so full of work.

    Let's go back to our sheep, namely the choice of tours. I do not really like relaxing in the style of "beach, sea, sunbathing." I am more attracted to mountains, extreme relaxation, etc. After a painful search, I decided to stay in Switzerland. Holidays in Switzerland are offered by two leading operators, these are the Old Courtyard and SodiS. The old courtyard specializes specifically in Switzerland, so the choice was limited to it. For $ 1000 you can relax and pick up a tour for every taste.

    Maybe someone else knows good places to relax, share your impressions, advise something else. Thank you all in advance.

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