McAfee test: can you recognize fake sites?

    McAfee antivirus company has developed a fun online McAfee SiteAdvisor Phishing Quiz test , with which everyone can test their “anti-phishing” capabilities. Can you distinguish a real site from its fake copy?

    Interestingly, all fake copies of sites were taken from real cases of fraud: these are fakes for MySpace, PayPal, Bank of America, etc. In each of them, a real detective will find evidence of a fake, be it a mistake in the design, the absence of a letter or punctuation mark.

    In the first two tasks, the presence of URLs in the screenshot leaves no doubt about where the real site is and where it is fake.

    Fake MySpace Fake PayPal

    But then the interesting tasks begin. If you want to solve them yourself, then do not read further, but follow the link and try to identify the fakes yourself.

    A fake Bank of America website can be recognized by grammar errors. Fake Chase site - for tasteless phrases out of style. The fake Amazon site has flashed on the designer blooper. A forged letter from PayPal immediately raises the suspicion of ridiculous language and a suspicious signature of a clearly non-existent unit. The fake CapitalOne website is visible on the wrong design.

    The fake AOL website was completely "bombarded" with the wrong logo. It would seem that it’s much easier to copy the logo? But the scammers wanted to increase it in size, so that it would catch the eye of potential victims (this is required to lull their vigilance).

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