How Google Motivates Programmers

    Google has posted a couple of videos shot at the recent conference, “The Future of Technology in Central and Eastern Europe.” One of the videos focuses on European R&D specialization, and the second on how Google motivates its engineers. Employees of the company themselves, specially invited to the event, speak out on this subject.

    Even at the very top of the hierarchy, Google employees, including company directors, are required to understand the smallest technical details. In addition, the code of each programmer is available for public viewing at any time. This is one of the reasons that keeps people motivated. Any programmer knows that a director can come and rewrite the code better than him. See video: 4 min; English

    Another reason is the well-known twenty percent rule, which allows you to spend a fifth of the working time on your own projects. Free food and interesting people around - what else is needed for motivation?

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