Mavic Pro: DJI's foldable drone for $ 999

    Unmanned vehicles of various types are becoming more popular. Understanding this, manufacturers try to release more and more models of good and different copters. Most recently showed its first drone company GoPro. She named the new Karma , and made the device compatible with her GoPro model range cameras. Reviews of this drone are mostly positive.

    The other day, introduced its competitive model and the company DJI . We are talking about quadcopter Mavic Pro. After GoPro released its device, the head of DJI said: “We are pleased that many companies are trying to compete with us in our business. We can never be sure of a leading position in the market. ” And exactly two weeks later, DJI launches one of the most technically advanced drones.

    Both quadcopters are positioned as systems that can be carried in a backpack. But the Mavic Pro is noticeably smaller in size. The developers made this device foldable so that it can fit not only in a backpack, but also in a pocket of a backpack or even in a bag that is much smaller.

    According to the developers, this quadcopter, despite the high price, may become popular. First of all, among extreme sportsmen, photographers, people who are engaged in video filming. The fact is that Mavic Pro is equipped with a good camera that can produce high-quality photos and video (4K video).

    The cost of a quadcopter is $ 999, which limits the range of buyers of the system. But in the company, it seems no one is worried about this. “We never intended to produce the cheapest copters on the market,” said the head DJI.

    Presumably, the DJI know what they are doing, because the company has many years of experience in the production of commercial unmanned vehicles. Previously, management instructed employees to create a portable drone that they could carry around without any problems. And this assignment was carried out in a short time.

    Mavic Pro in the folded state. The

    drone is equipped with a large number of useful functions. For example, a computer vision system. It allows the quadcopter to automatically recognize various objects. The GoPro quadcopter has no such function.

    “We installed video sensors that can distinguish and identify a number of objects, including a person, a person on a bicycle, an animal, a car,” says the head of DJI. “The quadcopter is controlled by the telephone. The image from the device camera is transferred to the screen. You can select an object that the drone will follow. ”

    Mavic Pro has other features. One of them allows the aircraft to avoid obstacles. Another - conducts an assessment of the distance to the ground, not allowing the device to fall too much. A beginner can use a landing assistant - this feature greatly reduces the likelihood of an accident during landing.

    Special mention deserves the camera copter. The viewing angle of the main camera is 78 degrees. It is mounted on a three-axis stabilizer (gimball) that can absorb vibration to produce high-quality video and good photos.

    The controller of the drone is foldable, it can also be placed in the pocket of a backpack or bag. To control the drone, you also need a smartphone, which is mounted in a special controller slot. The latter is equipped with a vibration motor, triggered if the copter has risen too high or accelerated to a dangerous speed.

    To communicate the device with the controller, a proprietary communication protocol OcuSync is used. The same protocol is used in the case of video transmission (1080p quality) from the drone's camera to the user's device. The transfer can be carried out directly to one of the services like Facebook Live, Periscope or YouTube. For this you need to use a proprietary application.

    Mavic Pro can accelerate to 65 km / h. Approximate flight time - 27 minutes offline. Replaceable batteries, the cost of an additional battery is $ 89. If desired, you can purchase Mavic Pro Fly More Combo for $ 1299. This kit includes a drone, two batteries, several propellers, a special bag, a charging station.

    Shipment of the first batch of Mavic Pro begins on October 15. It is faster than GoPro - here the shipment begins on October 23.


    • Size: 83x83x198 mm
    • Weight: 743 grams
    • Flight time up to 27 minutes
    • 4K camera with 12 MP
    • Three-axis stabilizer
    • 24 cores
    • Ability to control quadcopter from smartphone
    • Auto track object (active track)
    • Camera recognition of hand gestures (for selfie)
    • Obstacle flying system for stable and safe flight
    • Auto return to take-off point when battery is low
    • Sport mode (65 km / h)
    • Flight distance: 7 km

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