Linux-based Palm OS will appear no earlier than 2008

    Palm postpones Linux OS release
    Mr. Ed Colligan, the Palm CEO, should seriously consider his own security. After all, no one knows how Linux fans will react to a message made by him during a recent speech at a conference.

    “Palm Linux-based products will not appear until next year,” Colligan said, adding a few words that the company will continue to use Windows Mobile and Garnet OS / Palm OS II in their devices. That is, in the foreseeable future, Palm does not intend to abandon them.

    It is worth recalling that for the first time the company announced the development of a Linux-based OS quite recently, in May, very pleased many fans of the open OS. The first such devices were supposed to see the light at the end of the year, but not even two months had passed before Palm moved the deadline, explaining its behavior succinctly and, to be honest, very predictable: "This is what users want."

    via brighthand

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