Virtualization will remain only on the most expensive “Vista”

    For many months, journalists, bloggers and many customers have demanded that Microsoft open up the possibility of virtualization (launching the OS in "guest" mode) for Windows Vista of any version. This is a completely natural requirement, because the ban on virtualization is a completely dishonest way to deal with competitors by infringing on user rights. Virtualization is now only allowed on the most expensive version of Windows Vista. Under public pressure, the company agreed to change its policy, however, at the last moment it ... changed its mind.

    Previously, the virtualization function (starting Windows on a computer with a different operating system) was in demand only among geeks who wanted to run Windows programs normally on computers running Linux and MacOS. Now this feature has become mainstream, so the ban on virtualization in Vista Basic and Vista Premium looks just wild.

    Representatives of Microsoft explain that the change in plans is associated with the security risks that the latest generation of virtualization technologies carries. Perhaps this implies hacking technology to crack the Vista bootloader , which was demonstrated at a recent Black Hat conference.


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