Repeating buttons in tables

    Due to the lack of a context menu on the web, designers often have to come up with other ways to give the user the opportunity to work with a particular element or group of selected elements. Very clearly, these distortions appear in the tables:
    Table in PHPMyAdmin

    For example, in this table from phpMyAdmin there are two mechanisms:
    1. A set of repeating buttons in the Action column for working with one row.
    2. A set of checkboxes and select “With selected” for working with a group of selected elements.

    Task: remove duplicate elements from the table, make working with the table easier.
    Solution 1. From the office of 37Signals .
    Solution from 37Signals
    Additional buttons appear when you hover over items. This solution can be used with regular blocks as well as with lists (outside tables).

    Solution 2. Mine (also seen on Yandex mail ).
    Solution number 2)
    All buttons are added to the sidebar. The selection of elements is implemented using the JavaScript toggle mechanism (the cursor is over the third element). When a button is pressed, validation takes place. For example, the action “edit” can be performed if only one element is selected.

    Question: how much does my solution simplify the life of the user? I would also like to listen to the opinions of readers about the problem.

    PS: I also advise you to read the advice of Artyom Gorbunov on this topic. Thank you for the link Vlad ( ooooo ).

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