This is a short article for those who have experienced any difficulties installing Ruby.

    For starters, it would be nice to download the Ruby distribution, for example - from here

    . Everything is simple, for good reason it is One-Click Installer.

    Let's get started!

    In order:

    Next ->

    Read the terms and conditions, or disagree.
    I Agree ->

    Next, choose the components you want. Personally, I would not change anything and leave the checkmarks on SciTE, FreeRIDE, Enable RubyGames.
    Next ->

    Then you will be asked to select the folder where to install Ruby, by default: C: \ ruby ​​\
    Next ->

    Next, select the name of the folder to start.
    Install ->

    Next ->


    That's all.

    Now, you can go to the address
    (Or from the start menu-> all programs-> ruby-> SciTE)
    C: \ ruby ​​\ scite

    Launch SciTE and go to Ruby Language, Part 1.

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