Google became interested in politics

    Google has launched the Google Public Policy Blog , which focuses on U.S. government laws and regulations.

    The company's new blog is a step towards increasing its focus on the US government since the beginning of 2005. Last year, Google was one of the leading Internet companies that asked Congress to maintain the principle of network neutrality, which prohibits Internet service providers from blocking and slowing down Internet content from their competitors.

    This year, Google joined the debate over the sale of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at the auction of the 60 MHz spectrum in the 700 MHz band released by television companies. The search company suggested the FCC open bidding for small businesses through real-time auctions and designate a portion of the spectrum for wireless broadband video services.

    Google also focuses on privacy and copyright issues, as stated in today's blog post . In general, the blog was launched two months ago, but only now has it become open to the public .

    Google recently complained to the US Department of Justice that they examined the Windows Vista operating system for anti-trust violations.

    Google now has eight senior public relations officials and specialists, as well as four support staff in Washington - in early 2005, the company had only one employee in public policy.

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