Microsoft Surface. A look into the future.

    I think there is no such person who is not aware that Microsoft has released a device called Surface . Today I’m a little imagining about the areas and methods of its application.

    This is a new device with very interesting features, including:
    • Interactive multi-use (twisted something! =)).
    • The device is controlled in a manner that is closest to natural.
    • Recognition of various devices, technically beautiful interaction with them.

    We will not pay attention to the price of this device (it bites quite noticeably - 5-10 thousand evergreens), but let's see what kind of creative potential the creators put into the Surface for designers and developers . Let's try to fantasize a bit and suggest possible extensions and applications for MS Surface :

    External modules . Modules are a kind of external object that can interact with Surfacebeing located on its surface and recognized by a magic table (RFID, Wi-Fi?). The hardware modules look like a small stylish device (glass parallelepiped?) That does not interfere with the work (or, maybe, participates in it), being placed on the surface. In theory, this is simply an external program that has a physical shell and is understandable to most users ( Put & Play ?).

    Fine tools. Such a platform may well be a serious tool in the hands of a designer, artist, and also a draftsman, since from their point of view it seems to be a large tablet. =) Well, everything is clear here. Let's move on.

    Transitional devices. In the presentation videos, we saw how MS interacts with phones (the comparative characteristics of the two models were shown), cameras and other equipment. But, I think, no one doubts that Surface will not be able to read directly information from an SD card or directly from SIM. I think that over time, various devices will be implemented to help in this difficult task. I won’t give examples of pairing, here everyone will be able to come up with a couple of dozen types of devices (the emphasis should be on the convenience of users and the naturalness of interaction).

    Games. There were always games, they always moved computer technology forward and contributed to the wild pace of distribution of PC, Mac, PDAs and other devices. It is logical to assume that such a tidbit (from the point of view of control and innovation in general), like Surface , will not bypass our favorite pastime. Games can be contained in memory cards, they can be distributed as separate modules, and we will not forget the Internet. What entertainment we can see on MS Surface :
    • Educational game for children. A colorful, safety toy is placed on the Surface surface , a game is loaded directly, in which several children and adults can take part. At the end of the game, the records are recorded in the built-in memory (about 64-128 Mb - this will be enough forever, provided that there will be only records). By the way, this is an example of Put & Play (see above).
    • Strategies a la diplomacy, etc. The main feature is a set of chips or game units (army figures, for example).
    • Role-playing games a la Diablo, Titan Quest, etc. will be very interesting to look at Surface. Management is quite convenient for a comfortable game.

    The list goes on, Surface is great for different genres of games (well, except maybe for cards! =)). On this I will end my short list. If anyone can suggest any other ways to use Surface and possible add-ons to it, welcome in the comments! =)


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