New version of the link visualization engine from TouchGraph

    For two years, interface designers from TouchGraph have been continuing to improve their unique Java browser, which can visualize in the form of graphs links between websites and any other objects (for example, it can be used to visualize connections between users in social networks like “Habra” ) This browser has been greatly improved since the first time we talked about it a year ago .

    The program is a Java applet (does not recognize Cyrillic encodings) with many additional settings. Individual applets are downloaded to process Google results and to process Amazon results. In the first case, sites and links between them are shown based on Google’s information about “similar sites” ([related:] command).

    In the browser on Amazon, the place of sites is occupied by goods - books and CDs. The link structure is based on Amazon’s recommendation system.

    Naturally, in graphical form, information about the relationships between objects is perceived much better than simple text lists. The scope of the TouchGraph engine is very wide. For example, this technology is used on Friendster's social network to visualize connections between users. It is very convenient to see the necessary “chain of handshakes” that separates you and any other person.

    via information aesthetics

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