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       When developing the interface of a new program, developers sometimes forget about the need to scale elements. From this there are "incidents" when changing font sizes. However, these parameters can be rigidly fixed, which of course will be a disgusting solution from the point of view of people with visual impairments, but the problem will be solved. However, the problem of localization is not going anywhere, because each language is “large-scale” in its own way and the concise word “save” will eventually be replaced by a long “save”. A word or phrase having dimensions larger than the container leads to ridiculous trimming and overlapping. Large button captions, due to centering, are cut off on both sides, which, in turn, leads to poor readability and possible application errors.

    Button Crop Text

       One possible solution is to measure the actual size of the signature and the corresponding change in the sizes and positions of the elements. It is desirable that a separate module deal with this, which will take string quantities as input and form the final interface based on them.

    Solution 1

       There is a simpler solution. Two parameters are entered in the localization configuration element: short and long spelling. Short will be used directly in the interface, and long will be used in tooltips.
    A short spelling can also be formed from a long spelling automatically using the dimensions of the container.

    Decision 2
    Decision 2

       You can come up with a lot of solutions, the main thing to remember is their need so that there are no such "beauties":

    Disgusting interface

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