Interview with the creator of the new online Library -

    Interviews taken from himself, aka self-interview, easy split personality.

    Me: - Hello Dmitry, thanks for agreeing to an interview. First of all, I congratulate you on the completion of the project.

    FanLib: - Hello, thanks. Actually the project is not finished yet. The library is at the stage of open beta testing, as can be seen from our news feed. And this is really a beta stage, and not a tribute to the fashion of WEB2.0 projects - to have a Beta inscription over the portal logo.

    Me: - Judging by the news and the forum - are you ready to pay money to visitors for bugs found?

    FanLib: - Not only ready, but also pay. About a hundred bugs were found by the readers themselves in the phase of open and closed beta tests.

    Me: - But are there many bugs :)? And how ethical is it to pay money for it?

    FanLib: - All work must be paid. How many? This is more a question for developers, and the portal is really complicated. Oddly enough, no more than a third of readers who find a bug agree to accept the money. The rest just like to participate in the creation of the library, to see their recommendations embodied in the portal. After all, we are informed not only about bugs, but also give interesting ideas. Many of these ideas are being implemented right now, while others are being put on the ToDo list to work on the next version.

    Me: - Do you position the library as a WEB2.0 project?

    FanLib: - Yes, of course. Our portal provides a number of services to visitors, and the content of the site is mainly built again by the readers themselves.

    Me: - Content, are these books?

    FanLib: -And books too. An important content of the library are also reviews, reviews, and a forum with a chat. For books - scanning, converting and proofreading books, the process is long and time-consuming. In order to publish updates daily, either the staff or the help of the readers themselves is required. We plan both material gratitude for OSR’s and non-material gratitude - additional services and statuses.

    Me: - Can you reveal a little more details?

    FanLib: - Due to material gratitude - at this stage I can not say more. On services and statuses - I’ll tell you a little. Active readers write on the forum, leave reviews and send books - this affects their status in the library. The size of the personal bookshelf is growing, the shelves of books read, authority figures, awards are issued, and even the percentage of displayed ads for a given user drops to 0.

    I: - Interesting and intriguing - bookshelf, authority, percentage of advertising ... You can read more about the services provided by the library?

    FanLib: - In order to talk about all the services, you will have to publish a complete ToR. But about some - I can tell you as part of the interview. Each reader of the library - has his own personal section on the portal - a personal account. One of the sections of the LC is the Bookshelf - a service that allows you to store selected books in your personal section. I will quote myself: “... it often happens that when I read one book, I found another interesting, and I would like to put it aside somewhere, so as not to lose it, but not to look for it for a long time later when there is time to read it. Or just make your own little virtual library, which is always available on the Internet. Put on the shelf books you like or need to work / study.
    Moreover, if desired, books on the shelf can be made visible to other readers. Then just send a friend a link to your bookshelf, and the person will receive a list of your books. Maybe you just wanted to brag or tell what you are reading, or maybe you needed to pass the list of the necessary literature to a colleague. It is also interesting to see what a person reads the reviews of which you liked - what if there is an interesting unread book? .. ”The
    shelf of read books - the functionality is the same as the KP, only intended for read books.
    The system of authorities - is mainly growing due to the evaluation by other users of the reviews left by the reader. Allows you to add weight to the reviews of some readers, and is easier for reviews of others.
    A powerful search system - the tops of books, authors, users, recent reviews and an interesting feature - the librarian's advice - a system that, based on reader ratings, searches for other users with similar tastes, and gives recommendations for reading books based on their ratings.
    Well and much more :) Come, see for yourself.

    Me: - Mandatory. Now a little about library matters. Rumor has it that your library is a child of LitRes - i.e. prototype of future consolidated libraries. This is true?

    FanLib: - Heh ... Status - the prototype of future integrated libraries - we like it :) But whether we are a child of LiteRes - no, that's not it. Work on the portal began about a year ago. Nobody heard about LitRes then.

    Me: - How do you feel about the fact that, like all libraries at the moment, are pirated?

    FanLib: - We are not at all attracted by the label of pirates, and even more we don’t like the feeling that we are using the fruits of the work of writers and at the same time we don’t have the opportunity to thank them financially. We are looking for a solution that will keep online libraries alive, leave access to them to the widest possible range of readers, but at the same time will bring tangible returns to the authors.

    Me: - Interesting. May I have more details?

    FanLib: - At this stage, no. Too much is under development and can change at any time.

    Me: - Well, thanks anyway. Good luck with the development of the project!

    FanLib: - Thank you.

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