WordPress 2.2 released with a chip for geeks

    WordpressWordPress was updated, it is on its engine that I blog .

    It should be noted that for some time I missed the development trends of personal blogging engines and simply CMS systems, despite the fact that they are actively used in my work. True, now it is either self-written (and not shining with functionality) systems, or outdated versions of paid cms-ok (like Bitrix'a version 4.1).

    Therefore, when I installed WordPress, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of management, its high speed and expandability using various plugins.

    In short, what's new in 2.2:

    • Widgets. They make it easy to compose and customize blog sections (usually side columns) using drag-and-drop technology. Previously, this functionality was available only in additional plug-ins.

    Note: for me the word “widget” is still a term for which I still can’t find a clear definition.

    “Widgets,” says Om Malik, one of the authors of the Web’s “widgetization" concept , deliver the web directly to you. ”

    Well, I understand when in Windows Vista there are different widgets on the desktop that deliver the content I need from the Internet. But if I am on a website where widgets are located in a browser window, then its definition is incorrect.

    It is written on Habrahabr : widgets are “containers” for easy and convenient implementation of individual mini-applications on a web page.

    But again not right. Not just a web page.
    As a result, I decided for myself like this: “ widgets - deliver content".

    • Full-featured export support in Atom format.
    • Improved imports that support Google Blogger.
    • Built-in protection against activating an incorrect plugin or inept code editing that can "ruin" your blog.
    • Improvements in the kernel (increased speed)
    • WYSIWYG will work in Safari soon too
    Attention, trick for geeks : Unlimited comment feed. This means that on the "Edit Comments" page when deleting spam or a simple comment using an ajax link, this will happen: the next comment will be loaded so that 20 comments remain on the page.

    I’ll deliver it soon, I’ll test it.

    Download link: wordpress.org/download/

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