QIP Infium: first information and screenshots

    The developer of the popular ICQ client “QIP 2005” recently published information about a new product that was rumored only - QIP Infium .

    Here are two key quotes from the developer:
    Using Infium, you can now connect to various instant messaging networks, from Jabber to Mail.Ru@Agent, everything will depend on your choice and desires. We would also like to avoid chaos with self-written plugins and therefore all of them will pass control before they become available to users.

    QIP Infium is also created by one person and is created practically from scratch, i.e. this is NOT a redone qip2005, only some stable parts of the code are taken from qip2005. Infium implements all the best that has been accumulated over the years of creation and testing of qip2005. As they say, re-creating the wheel again, you already know where you will find pitfalls and you will not repeat the previous shortcomings. This, of course, would be ideal, but still. This time it took a lot more work and patience, and I think it's worth it, you will be able to appreciate it soon when we post the first test version.

    Links to screenshots:
    1. List of contacts and its various types.
    2. Message windows and their various types. Message History.
    3. Almost all other windows.

    Have a nice wait!

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