Most popular ideas for the last month. Summary.

    Good day!
    With permission, Mio gathered the latest wishes of users regarding habrahabr.
    I don’t think that all of them are generally feasible, but some I personally really look forward to, for example, the disappearance of the frenzied one from the live broadcast. Well, I'm waiting for the correction of the design of the voting, of course;)

    Killed habratopiks 27 points pietrovich
    Essence: If someone created a topic, the habronrod ran in and wrote comments, and this one took and closed the topic - not only its content, but also the content of everyone who commented is lost from access. The page from the favorites also disappears.
    Suggested solutions: when hiding the topic, hide only the text of the topic itself and the possibility of voting for it. Or completely forbid to hide topics.

    Explanation of links and elements on pages 16 points tmikwid
    Essence: It is not always clear for beginners what numbers or other elements of the interface mean.
    Proposed Solution: Add tooltips to interface elements.

    Number of topics on one page18 points akeeper
    Essence: When the opportunity to go into a hub happens infrequently many unread topics accumulate and it is inconvenient
    to scroll between a bunch of pages Suggested solution: Add the ability to set the number of topics on the page

    Sort news on the main page to 48 personal settings Genie
    Essence: topics on the main only appear after the set of the required number of votes, while they are sorted in chronological order by the date of storage, and not in the order in which topics appear on the main page. As a result, the topic may appear in the middle of the main page and be undeservedly forgotten.
    Proposed solution: Sort topics on the main page by the first date they appeared there.

    Crowd effect borems47 points soultes
    The bottom line: Before the assessment of the topic, the Habra-man looks at the result and can obey the effect of the crowd. That is, if there are already many pluses or minuses - put plus or minus on the machine, respectively.
    Proposed Solution: Add a setting to hide ratings before voting.

    Private messages - to whom and how 15 points bmw
    Essence: The “send message” icon is displayed only in the first circle of friends, and when creating a new message, you can write in the second circle. Not logical.
    Proposed solution: Add the display of this icon to the hub centers of the second circle of friends.

    Visualization of social connections 14 Vox points
    The bottom line: When a social network is large, the composition of its participants is difficult to perceive in the form of a simple list.
    Proposed solution: Visualization in the form of a graph of social connections (friendship, etc.).

    Restriction on posting - fight against spam 19 Vetra points
    Essence: Habrahabr is popular and attracts spammers. Freshly registered users create spammer topics.
    Proposed solution: restriction on the frequency of posting depending on karma.
    How will we fight spam? 31 points rossomachin
    Suggested solution: It may be worthwhile to give people who are trusted by the community the opportunity to explicitly remove spammer topics. Or not delete, but quarantine, which is intentionally closed for indexing by search engines.

    Reasons for the inaccessibility of functionality 41 points isapioff
    Essence: It is not always clear why the habro-man cannot perform one or another action - for example, vote for a topic or change karma.
    Proposed solution: Tooltips on inaccessible elements.

    Polls 17 points DileSoft
    I would like to see in the polls how many people (not percent) voted for each item.

    Time limit between karma votes 21 points lovermann
    Essence: Sometimes you want to vote for karma more than once every 7 minutes.
    Suggested solution: Remove or reduce the waiting period between the possibilities of changing karma.

    Reply to an invitation to friends.20 points xabk
    Essence: Habr shares the response to an invitation to friends into two messages.
    Proposed Solution: Combine the response to the invitation with the response text.

    Accessible perfectionism 25 points TheBits
    Essence: In the form for writing personal messages and topics after filling in the topic and pressing the Tab key, the cursor moves to the help link for using html tags.
    Proposed solution: The cursor should move to the edit text field of the message

    Voting through rss 18 points glader
    Essence: I read the hub more often from RSS and I want a link to vote for and against the topic in the same place.
    Proposed solution: add links to vote for / against the topic in RSS

    Login31 points hmelyoff
    Essence: Habr has a separate page for login, I would like to login from the main page.
    Proposed solution: Add an authorization field on the main page
    The same idea came to my mind earlier bulbazaur

    Comments from the Grievous 73 points ForJest
    Many proposals for combating spam and flood attacks. Sorry, could not summarize. Read the link better, it's worth it.

    Comments 23 points zzzzz
    Essence: When there are too many comments, it becomes a little incomprehensible what, where and what applies.
    Proposed solution: Somehow to highlight comments on comments or comments on the topic.

    Like his ... that ... 14 Vitaly points
    Essence: flood invasion and ghoul attack
    Suggested solution: the "complain about spam" button
    Live broadcast and grubby topics 26 points norguhtar
    Can you exclude it from live broadcast when the topic is grounded? In order to avoid observing all sorts of bumpy topics there and attacking the type of generating a large number of uninformative topics and writing comments there.

    Soaps 27 points ForJest
    Essence: Soap for system messages is set open in the "resume" section
    Suggested solutions:
    1. Add the option "do not show email" in tuning.
    2. Email or show a picture or add at least nominal protection against spam bots, soap collectors. vasya (on) site-dot-com.
    3. Spread the soap for comments and the soap that is used in the "Contact Information" in the summary.
    4. Remove the soap from there and use the internal mail for communication.

    Habrakat 29 points cooler
    Essence: not everyone remembers that long posts should be removed under habracut
    Suggested solution: Before placing a long topic, display a warning “Did you remember to put the topic under the cat?”

    Once again about the tag cloud 21 points horsev
    Essence: The tag cloud is great , small text unreadable
    Proposed solution: Increase the border for falling into the tag cloud. Illustrations on the link.

    A little about the usability of comments 56 points IgrOK
    Essence: The look after the comment first falls on the negative rating button.
    Suggested solution: swap the buttons "+1" and "-1" near the comments.

    About posting drafts 23 points CTAPuKAH
    Essence: The date of the post is the date of the first save, as a result, the topic may be born obsolete
    Suggested solution: Consider the post date the date of first publication
    Supplement from Vox :
    It is better to allow the topic date to be moved during the day. So it will be possible to release a beta version of the topic for "habradruz" and then release the release to the public with a fresh date.

    HabraJabberBot 27 pointseXtractor
    Essence: I want to receive notifications not only by mail;
    Suggested solution: Jabber-bot, which sends notifications about new messages and comments if the user is on the line.

    Idea from NaFigator Crosspost
    in LiveJournal.

    If you did not find yourself in this list, it means that my hands did not reach. Please, through a personal message or in the comments, leave a short description in the same spirit and with links so that I can transfer this to the topic. Thank you in advance!

    PS I hope to see this message in a favorite from someone from the habroadministration :-D

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