Silverlight will be available on Linux with Mono

    Mono's open-source project will make Silverlight, an analog of Microsoft's Adobe Flash, available on Linux.

    While development has not begun, it seems that the decision to do this has already been made. Here is what the idea of ​​Miguel de Icaza, one of the most famous authors of the Mono project, which portes the Microsoft .Net Framework to various operating systems, including Linux, tells about the idea: “This is a natural continuation of what we do ... This almost the next logical step for us. ”

    Silverlight is actually the same .Net virtual machine with two additional libraries. In particular, one library is responsible for rendering graphics. The second part of Silverlight is a host that can be embedded in a browser.

    The goal is the ability to run Silverlight content on Linux: “Our commitment to development ensures that Linux computers understand the content posted on the Web,” says Ikaza.

    Ikaza hopes that the first version will appear by the end of the year, however, the release of Silverlight for Mono will depend on the release of Silverlight 1.1 from Microsoft.

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