Data rate record

    On December 31, 2006, a data transfer speed record of 9.08 gigabytes per second (1.135 gigabytes per second) was set. Details of the fact were revealed during a meeting of representatives of the Internet2 consortium.

    According to a group of researchers, in their experiment they used modified Internet protocols and IPv6 address space. The distance between subscribers connected to the high-speed Internet2 network was 20 thousand miles.

    The data transfer rate using the IPv4 address system is 8.8 gigabits per second. Recall that IPv6 was designed to increase the number of possible IP addresses, since the number of address options in the IPv4 space, taking into account the limitations, will soon come to an end due to the rapidly emerging new Internet nodes.
    Today, experts say that in the near future this record will not be broken, because, according to the rules of the high-speed Internet2 network, approximately 10% of the channel’s “width” should be allocated to ensure transmission stability and traffic recognition. The theoretical bandwidth of this network is 10 gigabits per second.

    However, according to the Associated Press, in the future, the Internet2 consortium plans to build a new network with a bandwidth of 100 gigabits per second. At this speed, transferring a high-quality movie will take only a few seconds. We wait!

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