Links-ghosts on the hub

    ... and the line server at Lebedev.
    Yesterday I wrote about a rather strange incident that happened to me ( Let me remind you that I was thrown on the password-protected part of the server.
    Today, when I was walking around the hub, I was suddenly asked to enter a username and pass, so that wars would go to "Lineage2 server at". Very strange, isn't it? Naturally, I was very surprised.
    Firstly, because this is already the second such case on a hub, while the servers are quite well-known, well-known, so to speak. Where is it from? I can’t fix it.
    Well, and secondly, it became very interesting what kind of server the line at Lebedev’s :-) And I wonder if the manual knows about it))
    I’m waiting for your opinions, a screenshot is attached.

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