About Ecommerce Competition

    No, there is absolutely no competition in the e-commerce market. At least in St. Petersburg for sure. Why? Yes, because companies do not look around themselves. Here is an example. The company “Trade from the Warehouse” , known as zakazi.spb.ru, made a statement on its website in the “Delivery” section that they “deliver the first time in St. Petersburg” on the same day. Also, the cost of this service is a little overpriced - 200 rubles. “Hardly,” I want to say. The company ULTRA Electronics, no less well-known both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow and other regions of Russia, has been delivering on this principle for more than a year. Moreover, the Technoshock company , which, although it does not indicate this condition interms of delivery , but always meets the needs of customers and small appliances by courier delivery on the same day by agreement with the client.
    Thus, in the desire to stand out from the rest, do not forget that you first need to explore this "background". Moreover, ignoring major market players is still not worth it.

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