The battle with buttons in Habrahabr / Companies

    Today, I once again discovered that the company Webmaskon, which I like, disappeared from my profile. I wanted to figure it out.

    It turned out that almost all of the hubr committed actions are highlighted in gray - and actions in relation to the company are different.
    Type of buttons for working with a company after clicking “I like this company”
    What do you think the color button "I like this company" means? This morning I, having honestly got used to the general state of affairs, when gray - completed actions,
    View of the buttons for working with karma after clicking "increase karma by one point"
    and colored - available, clicked, guess where? That's right, on the button "I like this company."
    As it turned out, in fact, I refused my good attitude to this company, which I did not want to do at all .
    Now, actually the proposal is to make buttons in Habrahabr / Companygray only when they were used . Buttons available for use should be colored , as shown in the example below (where I showed that I do not like this company)
    Type of buttons for working with the company after clicking "I do not like this company"
    ps. I like Webmascon ;)

    upd: A similar confusion with buttons in the "Habracenter name ..."

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