The first cyber university opened in Japan

    Yesterday, the first private university was opened in Japan, students of which do not need to go anywhere at a lecture. The entire learning process has been moved to online. Presumably, people aged 25-35 who already have a job will want to get an education in it. You can choose from two faculties where disciplines related to information technology or the "world heritage" are taught. After four years of study, graduates will receive a bachelor's degree.

    The Japanese cyber university was headed by the famous Egyptologist Sakuji Yoshimura. Yesterday, Internet users could watch the opening ceremony of the university - it was broadcast from a baseball stadium in the city of Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu. Only 130 students gathered at the stadium - the rest watched the triumph online.

    4 years of study at a cyber university cost 2.7 million yen - this is about $ 23 thousand. 71% of the institution's shares belong to the telecommunications conglomerate Softbank Corp.

    via ITAR-TASS

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