Google promotes its services through search results

    One of Firefox “architects”, well-known programmer Blake Ross, expressed his outrage that the so-called “tips” appeared in Google ’s search results for some keywords - direct advertising of other Google services. What is characteristic, this advertisement is not at all in the right column with commercial banners, but directly in the organic issue. For example, at the request of [photo sharing], advice appears to try Google Picasa. Similar "tips" pop up for other search queries, sending users to the branded services Blogger and Google Calendar

    , while Blogger ads appear on the query with the word [blog], and the Google Calendar is advertised for all queries that contain the word [calendar], even for the query [Yahoo Calendar].

    According to Blake Ross, using this kind of tricks is a very bad sign for Google. In fact, the company uses its monopoly position in the search market to promote its other products that are not the best in its class . This is very similar to the methods used by Microsoft when it imposes its low-quality programs to users of the Windows operating system - they simply have no choice. That’s why people hate Microsoft .

    Google has always adhered to the opposite principle:user interests above all . It seems that now the company is starting to think more about its corporate interests.

    Previously, some of the Google products were advertised through the AdWords system. In principle, there is nothing shameful because she did it on a par with her competitors, although some people doubt it . But the introduction of advertising in the organic issuance is a completely different approach.

    Of course, Google’s monopoly cannot be as unpleasant as Microsoft’s monopoly, if only because changing a search engine is much easier than changing an operating system. But the trend itself is alarming.

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