"Rambler" first came out in plus

    Rambler Media first released a detailed report on its financial results. The 20-page document describes the results of the first half of this year ( PDF ). This segment can be called very successful. Total revenues almost doubled to $ 15.8 million (including $ 684 thousand from the share in Begun), and income from Internet business increased 2.37 times to $ 12.3 million. For the first time in its ten-year history, Rambler "Went in plus for such a time period, having received $ 2.5 million profit for six months (in the first half of 2005, a loss of $ 2.3 million was recorded). The main income the company receives from banner and search advertising.

    Over the year, the audience of the Rambler portal grew by 50% to 21 million unique visitors per month, and the audience of Lenta.ruhas grown to 2.7 million unique visitors per month. The number of page views on the portal increased by 80% to 1.5 billion per month.

    An important stage in the development of the business during the reporting period was the purchase in January of 51% of the shares of Price Express, which gave Rambler control over the Price.Ru project (catalog of 40 million goods), Domoteka.Ru and Tyndex.Ru . Investors' money also went to buy in June 51% of the shares of the female social network Damochka.ru (1.7 million registered users).

    Rambler also emphasizes the success of the joint Rambler-ICQ instant messaging service with ICQ, which was launched last year and has already acquired 1.6 million users. Through this program, the ICQ audience in Russia has grown from 2 million to 3.6 million people.

    The leadership of “Rambler” calls the main reason for the rapid growth of the ongoing Internet boom in Russia, an increase in the number of users (+ 25% per year) and the emergence of new Internet services in the Russian segment of the World Wide Web.

    In the near future, Rambler is going to hold a number of high-profile presentations. Among them is the official opening of the new Ramblas gaming site , which is still in beta.

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