The blogosphere of Runet shifted to numbers

    “More than 1,150,000 blogs on the Runet, ” Yandex announces in the newly issued newsletter (PDF file) containing information on the structure and socio-demographic characteristics of the Russian blogosphere. According to a hundred new blogs every hour in 2006, this gives the right to conclude that the environment is growing exponentially - in 2005 there were only 20 fresh online diaries per hour. The concentration of bloggers in their field is also great - every second, according to researchers, about three new entries appear.

    This and other information given in the newsletter was obtained by Yandex by analyzing the statistics of the Blog Search service .. The newsletter itself, in addition to figures with graphs, contains brief information about the nature of blog content, the interests of those who produce it, as well as about all sorts of phenomena that have found development in blogs - podcasts, multimedia and more.

    Referring to Technorati data , the company reports that as of September 2006, more than 54 million blogs were counted in the world. At the same time, about 1.6 million new posts appear daily. In Russia, the latter figure is 106 thousand, which means that 7% of the global blogosphere “speaks” Russian every day. In total, there are about 540 thousand active blogs in the country - those that were updated in the last quarter. On average, a Russian-language blogger writes three times more often than a western one.

    In the last year, the interest of blog authors in Russian blog hosting has grown - now they account for 62% of blogs. A year ago, the situation was different, and the place of the majority congestion was American Livejournal . Now about 1400 new blogs appear on Russian blog hosting per day, and 750 on Livejournal.

    The top 4 blog platforms we have popular include: LiveJournal (44.78% of entries per day from all in the Russian-speaking blogosphere), LiveInternet (19.98% ), Diary.Ru (13.15%) and Blogi@Mail.Ru (7.34%). There are about 14 relatively popular blog hosting sites in Runet.

    “In the blogosphere, both cultural and political events, as well as internal events, are interesting mainly for bloggers themselves,” Yandex writes. Of the socially significant events in the summer of 2006, the Lebanese-Israeli War, the 2006 World Cup and the split of the Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine attracted the attention of the blogosphere. In the cultural aspect, the film “Pirates of the Caribbean” was given special attention.

    Researchers presented an average portrait of a Russian blogger, he turned out pretty pretty: this is a girl, she is 21 years old. She lives in Moscow and studies at a university. Her posts are regularly read by 24 other bloggers.

    On the Runet scale, 60% of bloggers are women, 40% are men. The average age of weblog authors is less than the average age of a Russian Internet user. 80% of bloggers live in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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