Softkey and Sounds Launch Soundkey.Ru Startup

    September 1, 2006 is a significant date not only for online music stores operating according to the “old model” schemes . Serious people are pulling into the business with new ideas, who will begin to sell digital content legally.

    The startup of Sonya Sokolova, who created Zvuki.Ru , is being implemented jointly with Softkey . “We worked closely on the idea of ​​distributing legal digital content when Andrei Kuzin, head of 3DNewsHaving heard from me about the project, in the categorical manner characteristic of him, he said: “You need to show this to Muchnik,” Sonia says. “At three nights, he phoned Felix to give him an idea.” Felix was not particularly surprised, and the next day we talked. It turned out that he was also considering creating a music section on Softkey. Soon we became the co-founders of the new project. ” Its name is Soundkey .

    According to Sonya, the project will be fundamentally different from its Western counterparts - in particular, from iTunes: “We have created a system of distributed access to the content of authors, sites and users.” Any musician or label, having registered in the system and having signed an agreement with Soundkey, will be able to sell their music on any windows and sites included in the system. At the same time, the client sees what and by whom it was downloaded, how much and to whom money is due for this. The showcase, in turn, “sees” what is downloaded from it and how much it “falls” to it for purchases. The mechanism of interaction is absolutely transparent to all participants in the process, which is its dignity, says Sonya.

    The cost of the composition in this b2b project will be determined by the author. The creators of Soundkey assure that already now major companies planning to take part in the work of the service are voicing very democratic prices.

    At first, Soundkey did not count on huge profits: "After all, we, in fact, re-open the online sales market for labels."

    The efforts to promote the catalog, according to Sonya Sokolova, will be focused on the "center" display cases located on the pages of several major players. “In addition, any group will be able to take part in the promotion of the system by creating their own storefront, any website, creating a thematic section, etc. Of course, Softkey and Sounds also use their marketing capabilities, ”she added.

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