RBC advances in publishing

    According to Habrahabr, RBC Information Systems holding company is preparing to issue a new periodical - the RBCDaily newspaper.
    The business newspaper of the same name is known to exist on the Internet . New RBCDaily will be released on paper.

    Yuri Rovensky, general director of RBC, said that the holding’s ambition included the opening of new print media, but he did not directly confirm the immediate appearance of the newspaper: “Judging by the number of rumors that the media spread, publishing is on the rise. They talk about the purchase of Kommersant, Rodionov Publishing House, Glossi Publishing House, RBC’s new project .... This is all good evidence that the market is growing. But how to comment on these rumors? Of course, we do not exclude the possibility of expanding our presence in publishing - both by acquiring existing publications and by issuing new ones - but we have been talking about this for the whole year. At the moment, we have not made a final decision. ”

    Nevertheless, they say that now a new staff is actively recruiting staff. Candidates are offered decent compensation, and they, leaving their previous places, go to work at RBCDaily.

    Anton Nosik, editor-in-chief of MosNews.com and Gazeta.Kg , asked Habrahabr to share his opinion on the possible appearance of the RBCDaily newspaper .
    What, in your opinion, is the reason for RBC’s decision to go further into the publishing business?

    On the one hand, this process is absolutely inevitable. RBC has successfully occupied and mastered the niche of business information in the most difficult and competitive segment - on the Internet, where thousands of alternative sources are available to the user. RBC has learned to sell information, advertising and services in this niche market. Having these skills, it is completely natural to look for them all new applications. The success of the release of RBC in the television format is once again confirmed. It would be strange for them to stop when everything turns out so successfully.

    On the other hand, it should be noted that there seems to be more psychology than commerce. I have no doubt that RBCDaily will be more successful than the newspapers Business and SmartMoney, because the creators of the project know how and love to make money, unlike their colleagues from Secret of the Company and Independent Media, who know how and love to spend it. But still, RBC’s campaign specifically on the newspaper market seems to me more a cherished dream than a purely commercial calculation. They obviously want to become "rulers of the thoughts" of the business community, and, according to the tradition brought up by Kommersant, they still believe that the paper newspaper is the "authoritative" site. I have a different opinion, but I do not act as an investor in this project.

    The printed products of the holding are visual - there is a RBC magazine. Do you think this is a successful project? What will be the continuation of the newspaper?

    Most likely, the newspaper, when and if it appears, will position itself as a competitor to Kommersant and Vedomosti, and not at all as a continuation of the monthly magazine. I can’t say anything about the magazine: he is not yet a year old. Let's see Gallup closer to December, read the annual reports of OJSC, then it will be possible to say how successful the monthly magazine is. But a newspaper is a completely different business.

    Under what circumstances can an online publication have a paper future? What is the case with RBCDaily?

    The online publication RBCDaily does not even remotely contain the volume of materials needed to compete in the business press market in today's Moscow. Even Gazeta.ruIf you transfer it to paper, there would not be enough volume, although it is a completely full-fledged newspaper. From the RBCDaily that we know, only a name can be saved in a paper newspaper, and everything else will probably be built from scratch - by the very journalists who, as you say, have moved from competing publishing houses.

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