The perfect affiliate program

    Many people want to open their affiliate programs, but they do not always think about what the affiliate program should be like on the part of users, and caring for adverts is, first of all, a guarantee of the users' loyalty to the affiliate program and the consistency of working with it.

    Let's try to formulate the requirements for an ideal affiliate program, and if someone later opens their affiliate program, he will be able to decide on this issue, which will maximize the involvement of regular partners who will be happy to work with this partner.

    The basic requirements and wishes for affiliate programs can be divided into several specific elements of the behavior of the affiliate program itself, namely:
    1. ease of registration
    2. convenience zone for adverts
    3. payouts
    4. statistics
    5. support

    Some of you will note a couple more basic categories of criteria for yourself.

    Now let’s dwell on the main recommendations on the criteria for an ideal affiliate program using concrete examples, if you open your affiliate program, think carefully about these issues, which are primarily related to the convenience of your advertisements, and not to your office work or internal kitchen, since all your funds are without care end adverts are just an engine with zero efficiency, which brings you indirect losses.

    Ease of registration (account confirmation, verification, etc.)

    If you see a fraudster in every advert, require him to send a scan of a passport, other documents, fingerprints, people who have high incomes will bypass your affiliate, come to your senses, you are not a bank or a payment system or tax police that requires documents to launder their funds through adverts. (if you require documents or forms for the tax, please conclude a full-fledged paper contract with an adver in writing and send him a copy by fax)

    It’s quite right to stretch the verification of affiliate accounts to the first payments with a delay, during this time you can check all the requirements for the affiliate, analyze his activities, but save you at this point not to record the affiliate’s work statistics at all, if the affiliate sends you traffic, keep statistics on it , at least at the lowest available level, but which is paid so that the person does not quit working with you, seeing solid zeros in the results of his initial activities.

    Convenience of the zone for users (availability of affiliate news, ssl adverts zone, indication of various data in the profile, load on the design interface)

    Your adverts will not climb the heap of your and third-party forums in the hope of finding news of your affiliate program in the sections “spam, advertising, affiliate news”, and you should not force these forums to read it, and moreover, to register separately in them is very bad. The zone for adverts, where the advert is authorized, is ideal for publishing news and changes in your affiliate program.

    You pay money to the partner, therefore, please take care of his safety, use the ssl protected zone of the adverts with a valid and legal ssl certificate (and not created on the knee), and you will see that the advert will trust you more. You should not overload the partner profile at all the fields of the registration form, which are NOT needed to directly identify the work of a partner and make payments to him, you do not collect statistics for marketing research on the topic of how old the partner is, his marital, social status and .

    You should not overload the adverts zone with an abundance of flash animations and other decorations that are not related to the activity of the adverts, a simple interface that provides the necessary data is the ideal solution, because people will often visit your adverts zone (unless of course they use statsremote) the color scheme should to be pleasant and not to annoy the tensed brain of the adver. (This blog is not an ideal affiliate program, therefore it can afford such a color scheme)

    Any item in the adverts zone should not be opened further than three clicks in the interface menu.

    Payouts (balance sheet, holdings, periods, payment methods, type of payments, movement of funds, earnings)

    The first thing that worries the adver is his earnings and the size of the next payments (if there are time lines), so make sure that the balance of the advert profile is always available to him without extra clicks on the heap of menu items.

    In a good tone, if the means of the adverts have a peculiarity to accumulate, set as the size of the first payment not an exorbitant value, not the number of average earnings of your adverts, but the minimum amount, the transfer of which pays for the cost of its delivery to the advert. Do not disdain to pay small amounts, pay amounts for which financial expenses are justified, and you will see that the ad will be glad that his money does not get stuck somewhere, but is paid in the amount earned by him, even if it is minimal.

    During the period of operation of the adverts with the affiliate program, there may be periods when the adverts have a difficult situation with the delivery of traffic or customers, but if at the moment the affiliate delays payments due to the lack of minimum activity requirements for current sales, etc., without paying the money earned that satisfies minimum payment requirements will cause the advert to simply forget about your affiliate program.

    A good reason to remind the affiliate about the affiliate program, if its activity has fallen, is to make all scheduled payments on time, be sure to include the name of the affiliate program in the payment details so that the partner does not wonder where the money earned came from.

    It is also worth sending an advert message about the offer of additional assistance to improve its activity with professional recommendations for working with an affiliate program.

    Statistics (reports, the result of the adver’s work, auxiliary tools) The

    partner should provide full statistics and statements of his work, as detailed as possible by dates and periods, possibly even with growth charts of his activity and income.
    It is also advisable to provide an XML version of statistics, which a partner can either receive or analyze using its own programs.

    I don’t give more detailed recommendations on this issue, since the activity statistics of each affiliate have their own, and depends on the methods and methods of its work as with the services that it represents, as well as with adverts.

    Support for adverts (accessibility forms, tickets, responsiveness and response)

    A support that is available only by email is an outdated concept, tickets will save the world, but if only email, then reply to letters from adverts as quickly as possible, it’s already 21st century, so don’t disdain IM messengers, chats (like liveperson) and multi-channel number the emergency call can call you on the phone, even if he will listen to music for 1 minute before reaching the operator, 1 minute is ideal, the response time of the telephone support is more than one minute - it will annoy the adverts that you Onita.

    If the question that needs to be resolved lasts for some time, it’s quite significant, you should definitely give the advert information about how his request is processed and what current status it is, so that the advert is not under the painful expectation that nobody actually hears it and his letter fell into a black hole , from which he will not receive an answer, but fortunately most modern ticket systems cope with this task with a bang.

    Unfortunately, we understand that this is not a complete reference book of recommendations for the affiliate program, but we hope that they will help the affiliate programs to work with adverts more minimally, even if the minimal result is a positive result.

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