Digg activists again on screens

    The story of the closure of the Top Diggers section on the Digg.com social news collector has continued. Quite expected, I must say.

    Someone Christopher Finke ( Christopher Finke ) on their own restored the first page of the top list of resource users with the first hundred activists. It is posted on his website and is updated twice a day.

    On the same page where the rating is located, Christopher warns that the project is in no way associated with Digg Inc. and in his work uses only freely available information.

    “This list has been compiled for no other reason than to mark the time spent by the people listed below and the effort they put into it,” writes Finke.

    He also notes that at the very first request of the administration, Digg is ready to remove his top list, but he sees no reason in hiding such information.

    Not the first controversial decision by Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose) for the first time, perhaps, met such a serious response from the participants themselves.

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