Micro copywriters are our future

    With the popularity of contextual advertising, the demand for micro copywriters (ad writers) will increase. And the only selection criterion will be effectiveness. If your textures work - you bathe in fees. Does not work? Nervously smoking in the barn. The third is not given - you can’t buy a customer for a dummy of image advertising, CTR is on the side of us all. In 7-9 words to fit the essence - without snot and rumors. Ooohh! Glorious times are coming. Here is an anti-example in the subject.

    micro copywriters

    A question mark draws attention and helps the ad stand out in the block. But the text is poor. Whose authors do not speak the language? What does one Shestov have to do with Guinness? Is it beer or what? In a word, you don’t need to write like that :)

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