RSS is not as popular as we would like

    Among online RSS readers, Bloglines remains the most popular among US Internet users. These statistics are provided by HitWise. Bloglines are three times higher than Rojo's and 13 times better than Google Reader.

    RSS Reader Attendance Statistics

    At the same time, the attendance of these services is incomparably lower than that of the most popular blogs (according to HitWise statistics, these are PerezHilton , Huffington Post and Engadget ). While the Perez Hilton blog ranks 463rd in the ranking of the most visited sites, the most popular RSS reader is at 4676 positions. From this data, HitWise analyst Lee Ann Prescott concludesthat RSS has not yet become the main means of "viewing" sites and many users behave in the style of "Web 1.0" - they go directly to the site to read new materials.

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