Google accepts payments through a bank. Only can not accept

    The other day, Google officially announced the acceptance of payments in Russia through a bank . The news is joyful, especially since it is significant. Where there are payments through the bank, there are payments through WebMoney and Yandex.Money, which means that the wait is not long.

    Unfortunately, not everything is as simple as it turned out almost immediately. Firstly, apparently not everyone in Google knows that payments are accepted in rubles through a bank. This, for example, is clearly visible in the choice of payments .

    An even more interesting point is that you can’t get payment details through an AdWords account, namely the purpose of the payment is not decrypted (see screenshot). Numerous torment with transcoding in Stirlitz does not lead to anything.

    Payment Details at Google Adwords

    Google forum already asking for help with paymentbut no official response has been received yet.
    There are suspicions that such technical flaws may delay AdWords promotion in Russia for a long time.

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