Now officially: Twitter will increase the size of messages, ceasing to include links and references

    For 10 years, Twitter users have to put their thoughts in 140 characters, which include not only text, but also links to images, videos and hashtags. On May 17, an anonymous source said that Twitter would no longer take into account links in the 140-character limit per message — the useful amount of tweet would increase by 23 characters. And today the company itself has confirmed this fact officially and told about other pleasant innovations.

    The entire history of Twitter is inextricably linked with the 140 character limit . Ten years ago, it was necessary for the message to fit into a standard SMS. Now there are no technical factors to leave this restriction. Only the ideology of microblogging remained.

    The company has already made concessions and moved away from tradition. In August 2015, the limit of personal messages was increased from the standard 140 to 10,000 characters. In early 2016, Jack Dorsey hinted at a possible increase in the volume of tweets, and a few days ago an anonymous source told Bloomberg that these changes would happen soon.

    May 24 at 16:59 Moscow time, Twitter officially announcedincrease message size. First, the service will stop counting mentions in the replicas. This allows you to write messages to multiple users at once, without thinking about the remaining characters. Secondly, the service will not count links to attachments: quoted tweets, images, videos and polls. Application developers are encouraged to update their products, as tweets will go beyond 140 characters.

    Now you cannot quote and retweet yourself - spammers can take advantage of this. In the future, the user will have the opportunity to retweet and quote their own tweets.

    Twitter will also save from the well-known hack ". @". Now if @ username1 writes “@ username2 I don’t like the color of your shoes”, then only followers of both users will see the message in the ribbon. Replays can be seen from the @ username1 profile on the special tab “Tweets and replies”, but it is unlikely that many will record the fact of communication with @ username2. This is quite a logical rule of the engine - to clutter subscribers' tapes with long public conversations to anything.

    If @ username1 wants to show everyone the fact of evaluating the color of the shoes @ username2, you need to go to the trick and put a dot in front of the user name. Beginners are afraid of such difficulties, while Twitter has a low number of users. The rule will be removed, and the dot before the mention will not be needed. The message in the microblog @ username1, starting with @ username2, will be visible to all subscribers of @ username1.

    All these changes will appear in the next few months in both the web version of Twitter and its mobile clients. The exact timing of Twitter does not give.

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