OMGYes: a website for teaching women to orgasm (18+)


    New technologies penetrate our lives with ever-increasing speed. Someone is worried about losing their job because of them, but usually they still appear with good intentions. Here and the creators of the new site OMGYes moved the noble goal to understand, finally, with this millennial mystery: how to bring it to the heights of bliss.

    With the help of specialists from Indiana University (Indiana, USA) and the Kinsey Institute (originally called the Institute for the Study of Sex), more than 1,000 women aged 18 to 95 years were interviewed. As a result, several methods of stimulation of the female genital organs, most effective for achieving the goal, were compiled.

    Of course, the publication of research results in the form of scientific work would hardly have reached a mass audience, so the creators of the site decided to make training videos designed to help master this procedure.

    On the twelve videos that are currently presented on the site under the name of the “first season,” ordinary women who agreed to participate in the experiment, tell in detail and accurately how they reach orgasm. Presented and in detail several tactics that are suitable for stimulation.

    In addition to the video, the site presents interactive games where you can practice stimulation with the touch screen of your device (or using the mouse, which is not so convenient) - the creators promise that the reactions of the virtual partner will coincide with the response of a real woman involved in the creation of the game.

    The creators ask for access to all materials of the site $ 29 (it is convenient that they determine the country by ip and offer payment in local currency - in Russia today it is proposed to pay 2000 p). They specifically emphasize that this is not a subscription, but a one-time purchase that allows access without time limits.

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