Nurugo: 400x microscope for smartphone

    “You can extend the capabilities of a smartphone not only through software,” thought California start-ups and presented a miniature Nurugo microscope with magnification up to 400x to Indiegogo . In just ten days, he collected the necessary amount to run. Now you can make a pre-order, the shipment is planned in June of this year.


    A miniature module measuring 35x20.5x5 mm and weighing less than 4 grams consists of a magnifying lens and a patented optical light diffusion system: The

    tablet is placed in the holder (there are two types of it - with vertical and horizontal mounting). The assembled module is attached to the clip to the smartphone so that the lens Nurugo coincides with the lens of the smartphone.

    The device does not require energy and recharging. No batteries either. Nurugo is compatible with all smartphones on iOS and Android. Yes, and it looks beautiful:

    How it works

    Working with the received images, scaling them from 18 to 400 times, taking photos or shooting video with scenes from the microworld is offered in the interface of the original Nurugo Box application.

    Before starting work, manual focusing of the lens is made using a plug that is included in the kit:

    For illuminating objects, the light source built into the smartphone is used. The light passes through the scattering optics inside Nurugo: There are a lot of

    colorful examples of using a microscope on the project page on Indiegogo, for clarity, we’ll give only the difference between magnifying objects by 18 times and 400 times:

    So the device is really useful for both scientific use and beautiful photo glasses. social network.

    Cost and delivery

    Unconditional huge plus of the project is the price. Today, you can pre-order for Nurugo for only $ 43. For delivery to Russia, you need to add another $ 18. And if you want to save a little or you make several purchases in the US, then take advantage of our warehouse in the tax-free state of Delaware. Delivery of a parcel weighing up to 0.5 kg inclusively to the point of issue in your city will cost $ 10.

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