On mongo database, in beautiful, fashionable dockers

    “Misha, the leading developer of UberGadgets,” the young man said to himself in front of the mirror.
    “No, it does not sound. Better like this: Michael, UberGadgets backend and frontend teamlead. Yes! So I will introduce myself! ”

    Mikhail had an important day today, he was going to a major Russian development conference. There will be many important people and the young man did not really want to lose face.
    And even better - to find a new employer there and offer a good job.
    Not that Michael was paid little or not satisfied with the conditions. “120 thousand rubles in Moscow for a visitor is not the worst money” - the young man told himself two months ago at employment. But the dollar has greatly increased in recent years, and friends began to settle for 160 and 180 thousand, and someone even went to the West. This thought gave Misha no peace.
    He opened his resume and re-read the list of technologies. Almost everything was in trend. “We must persuade the boss to write something on Go,” noted Misha for himself. “And if he does not agree, to do it in secret.” Then I definitely will not be denied a new place. ”
    Before going out, Misha sat down to read Habr for a couple of hours, today there was an interesting srach about Beatrix and a couple of good articles about cutting (and there is no other way!) On state projects. Michael's post any inadequate zaminusili, from which there was an unpleasant aftertaste.
    “On the laputenas ...” - the girl sang in the headphones a few minutes before leaving the office and this song got stuck in her head. Michael immediately came up with an ingenious rework and was already singing it:

    On the mongo database,
    In the beautiful, fashionable dockers.
    I am writing on laravel
    And the best patterns.

    In the subway, the young man repeated the design patterns. In practice, he did not use them, but was convinced that knowledge of patterns was an indicator of experience.

    The mood improved the stronger, the closer Mikhail approached the conference hall. “I wonder if my post will be correctly written on the badge?” The young man made a change at the last moment and was not sure.
    And now, the reception desk with smiling girls is already visible. Go around IThniki, and, for sure, headhunters! Wow!

    Suddenly the mobile rang. This is the chef.
    “Misha, shit up! You have SQL injection on production! Blow to the office!

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