How cans look from the inside

This is how the bank looks from the inside. This visualization in three stages is based on the real client operations of the bank with a revoked license.

As a data source - the main book of the bank. Using graph theory, we select all its clients as nodes, and use account operations as edges. The sum of the operation, in this case, will be the weight of the ribs.

The application of the Fruchterman-Reingold algorithm in the next step allows us to improve the position of neighboring nodes. A high assessment of the modularity of the graph indicates a complex internal structure. This structure, often called a community structure, describes how a network is divided into subnets. These subnets are important in the real world.

Filtering the graph by nodes with high modularity, we obtain the so-called fan circuit, which is often used by attackers, for example, to realize the spending of credit funds by bank borrowers. The splitting of operations into minimal amounts, the distribution of payments over a wide time horizon among a huge number of Bank customers - all at a glance.

Clustered structures on visualization are evidence of human relationships. It’s time to present such paintings in museums of modern art as a form of expression of human ingenuity.

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