UNO-1000/2000 Series Modular Embedded Computers

    UNO 1000/2000 is a full-fledged X86-computer for embedded systems, in the form factor of ready-made modules, with the ability to install on a table, wall, DIN-rail, or VESA. The platform is easy to use for any specific tasks, thanks to a wide selection of proprietary iDoor expansion modules that allow you to add the necessary interfaces to the device.

    The main features of the line:

    • Completely passive cooling - the absence of moving parts, fans and ventilation openings of radiators. Dust does not accumulate inside the devices; they are less likely to require maintenance.
    • Full-fledged X86 architecture - there is no need to port old programs, as is the case with MIPS or ARM architectures. It is possible to install desktop versions of Windows.
    • Integrated I / O ports - Integrated digital I / O ports for connecting peripherals
    • Built-in RS-232/485/422 interfaces - no need to connect external serial adapters
    • IDoor expansion modules - more than 30 types of branded expansion cards allow you to assemble the right configuration
    • Supply voltage from 9V to 36V DC - a wide range of operating voltage allows you to install the device in existing systems, without converters.

    UNO-1000 Series

    The UNO-1000 series is designed for mounting on a DIN rail. In the lineup there are two models with Cortex A8 processors, based on the ARM architecture. The main purpose of this series is to install as compact servers in wiring closets for local data processing or automation.


    The most compact device in the lineup based on ARM architecture. It has a programmable OLED screen for displaying arbitrary status messages, a CAN bus for connecting to automotive equipment, as well as 2 LAN ports and 3 serial ports.

    UNO- 1251G / 1252G can be equipped with iDoor-modules for Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G wireless communication and have a SIM card port accessible from the outside.


    Appearance of the computer UNO-1372G The
    computer has two power inputs, for primary and backup connections. In the event of a power failure, the transition to the backup occurs instantly, without rebooting. Combining several LAN ports into one teaming interface is supported, for increased fault tolerance. If one of the interfaces fails, the network will continue to operate normally.

    I / O Ports

    Digital input and output ports for connecting relays, sensors, and other external peripherals.
    UNO-1372G has 4 digital inputs and outputs for controlling external peripherals, such as sensors, relays, reed switches. You can work with I / O ports from the operating system, at the level of user programs.

    UNO-2000 Series

    The UNO-2000 series is designed for installation in embedded systems, moving objects, cars, trains. The casing is designed for installation on a flat surface with mounting screws. Computers have more powerful processors than the UNO-1000 line . Some models have a built-in hardware encryption and TPM key storage module to protect critical applications.

    FRAM backup memory

    FRAM backup memory allows you to store critical data to protect against loss in the event of crashes or freezes. Work with memory occurs in the same way as with RAM, but its values ​​are not lost in the event of a power outage or other malfunctions. FRAM can store the values ​​of important counters. After restoring the system, the program will continue to work with data that was before the failure.

    Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0

    Computers of the UNO-2000 series , for example, the UNO-2484G model , have an integrated TPM 2.0 module for hardware protection of critical data. The TPM module can be used to perform trusted OS boot (Trusted Boot), store encryption keys, and also as a random number generator.

    Watchdog for anti-freeze protection

    To protect against freezes of programs and the operating system, UNO computers have a hardware programmable timer (watchdog). The timer constantly expects the system to report that it is operating normally. Each new message resets the timer. If the timer does not receive a message within a certain time, the system is considered to be frozen and may be automatically rebooted.

    How to work with watchdog

    Windows uses a kernel level driver (KMDF) and a library to use the API from user space to work with the timer. Also, the timer can work as a system service to monitor the operating system.

    Watchdog driver devices in the Windows operating system

    When using watchdog as a system service, its configuration is available in the control panel. You can set the polling interval and operation mode.

    The watchdog service is available in the control panel.

    Setting the operating mode and polling interval of the Watchdog timer. The

    manufacturer provides a library for the C ++ language, which allows embedding watchdog support in programs to track failures inside software that are invisible to the operating system. For example, watchdog can help you keep track of when a process has frozen, but it has not completed.

    IDoor Extension Modules

    UNO-1251G with installed COM-port expansion module. The
    functionality of UNO computers can be expanded using proprietary iDoor expansion modules. These modules are an mPCIe board, with a loop for outputting interfaces to the front panel. Unlike conventional PCIe cards for ATX-compatible cases, iDoor modules are rigidly fixed in the case and withstand significant mechanical loads on the interface ports, as they are mounted at several points.

    3G / 4G / GPS Communication Module

    The PCM-24S34G module is 2G / 3G / 4G in the format of the iDoor module, with an external antenna unit. It supports LTE bands B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8, B17, B20, and is backward compatible with 2G networks (GPRS / EDGE). Optional support GPS system. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

    The PCM-24S2WF-BE module adds support for modern Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac wireless protocols with support for the 5 GHz band.

    Industrial Interfaces

    In the form factor of iDoor modules, many options for proprietary industrial interfaces are presented, such as PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, PROFINET and others.


    UNO-1000/2000 modular computers allow you to independently configure a set of options, depending on the needs of the customer, having received a complete and compact device. The full-featured X86 architecture allows you to run existing software in compact embedded systems. The absence of active cooling and ventilation grilles increases the service life of the devices and does not require frequent maintenance.

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