RamblerFront & Meetup # 7

    On July 11 (Thursday) at 7 p.m., the seventh open Rambler Front & Meetup will be held at the Rambler Group's Attic.

    The program of the meeting includes 3 reports. Our colleagues will share the intricacies of working with animation on the web, talk about ways to synchronize browser tabs, and discuss migration from a monolithic web application to SPA.

    More about reports:

    1. Ways to synchronize browser tabs - Elena Zhukova (client application development engineer)

    Once upon a time in a distant, distant galaxy, it was decided that the imperial march can be played in only one browser tab. Consider the majority of ways to synchronize tabs on the client, their pros and cons.

    2. Migration from a monolithic web application to SPA or “saving the drowning - the work of the drowning themselves” - Boris Shabanov (head of the interface department)

    If you want to rewrite your application, but don’t know how to sell it to a business, then this report is for you. We will share our experience on how to organize a move from a monolith to a SPA and, most importantly, how to sell it to a business.

    1. Animation on the web: how to work with temporary functions at the macro and micro levels? - Natalia Gabitova (Lead Client Software Development Engineer)

    Time is the fourth dimension and a powerful tool. It turns an ordinary site into an understandable, comfortable user environment. From static pictures, geometric shapes and text creates a whole world, and tells its story. How to curb time? Is it easier to imagine movement at the element level and group level so that it becomes clear which numbers and settings to indicate? We will analyze these and other questions using CSS animation as an example.

    → The event is free, and registration is required

    We have pizza and tea, as well as a quiz with a draw of pleasant gifts!

    Time: Collection of guests at 18-30.
    Location: Warsaw highway, 9, p. 1, entrance number 5. Attic Rambler Group

    Be sure to register and take your passport or other identification document with you so that the security of the business center misses you!

    Come yourself and bring your friends - it will be interesting!

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