Samsung Ecosystem - Contest Results

    We are pleased to announce that the results of the contest have been summed up! Within the framework of the competition, 127 scenarios were received, of which 43 scenarios corresponded to the task of the competition and admitted to the assessment.

    Who is the lucky one who proposed the best idea? This is George from Moscow! His idea is “Smart food storage and optimal nutrition.” The essence of the idea is to scan the receipt of purchased products, based on the available products, their shelf life and physical activity of the user, cooking recipes will be recommended. When approaching the end of the product storage period, the user receives a notification and a recommendation for its early use, and then purchase in one of the online stores.

    The jury noted the integrated approach in the presented idea and structured presentation.
    And he receives the main prize of our competition - the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10!

    The second place was taken by a graduate of the IT school Vladimir from Novosibirsk. Vladimir proposed a similar idea on proper nutrition and recommendations of dishes based on the physical activity of the user and available products, as well as their shelf life.

    And he will receive the second prize - the innovative wearable device Galaxy Watch Active!

    For the remaining 41 best scenarios, participants will receive prizes - “Do What You Can't” stylish branded hoodies.

    And all of them will be sent letters requesting the delivery address and size.

    Thanks to everyone who participated and sent applications!

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